Nightclub Beatdown

This game combines card game and rhythm game mechanics.
You can hover over a card, but it'll be played on the beat whether you like it or not. That part is out of your control.
Dodge or counter incoming attacks, draw cards or slap that smug face when you're safe - rhythm is king in this club!
Defeat the disco golem before he punches you to death!


Tim TürkRobert BrandJean-Luc Etgen
Marcel ZurawkaLars Grevsmühl

Grand Plant Hotel

Welcome to the Grand Plant Hotel, Caretaker!
It is your job to look after the many different plants of the local residents. Try to figure out what each individual type of plant needs and keep them happy and build a relationship with their owners.


Julius Krüger Lars Eble Ines Hilz
Felix Kosian Mehmet Dereli Lars Grevsmühl
Marcel Zurawka

High SoSpyety

High SoSpyety is a local multiplayer game in which you need to do actions as an undercover spy. You always need to keep your identity secret and try to discover your friend's identities.


Moritz Schöpf Robert BrandTim Türk
Felix Kosian Lars GrevsmühlMarcel Zurawka

Hotel Nero

History tends to repeat itself. The manager and part-time arsonist of Hotel Nero is burning down his very own hotel with the guests still inside! Luckily Firefighter Gustav is there to save them, but he needs your help.


Julius Krüger Fabian Nadegger
Lars GrevsmühlMarcel Zurawka